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  1. 40% Off
    Top Brass Grey Solid Slim-Fit Formal Trousers (6560030 005)
    As low as ₹3,499.00
  2. 40% Off
    Top Brass Light Blue Regular Fit Formal Trouser for Men ( 6560020 081 )
    As low as ₹2,399.00
  3. 40% Off
    Top Brass Dark Brown Smart Slim Fit Formal Trouser for Men ( 6560012 095 )
    As low as ₹2,399.00
  4. 40% Off
    Top Brass Cream Smart Slim Fit Formal Trouser for Men ( 6560011 028 )
    As low as ₹2,699.00
  5. 40% Off
    Top Brass Navy Regular Fit Formal Trouser for Men ( 6560016 156 )
    As low as ₹2,699.00
  6. 40% Off
    Top Brass Black Solid Slim-Fit Trousers (6560027 001)
    As low as ₹2,699.00
  7. 40% Off
    Top Brass Grey Chequered Smart-Slim Trousers (6560036 005)
    As low as ₹3,599.00
  8. 40% Off
    Top Brass Gray Black Slim Fit Formal Troser for Men ( 6560004 1334 )
    As low as ₹2,599.00
  9. 40% Off
    Top Brass Blue Gray Slim Fit Formal Troser for Men ( 6560005 132 )
    As low as ₹2,999.00
  10. 40% Off
    Top Brass Brown Slim Fit Formal Troser for Men ( 6560003 003 )
    As low as ₹2,599.00
  11. 40% Off
    Top Brass Olive Slim Fit Formal Troser for Men ( 6560006 124 )
    As low as ₹2,999.00
  12. 40% Off
    Top Brass Navy Smart Slim Fit Formal Trouser for Men ( 6560010 156 )
    As low as ₹2,899.00
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Top Brass - Your One-Stop-Shop for Men’s Trousers

The advent of different fabrics has revolutionized the fashion industry. Today, men’s clothing ranges are reaching a higher definition with the constant upgrading whether it’s with the designs and usage of diverse fabrics. At Top Brass, we understand the requirements of our customers and thus showcase an impressive range of premium trousers for men.

Our wide range of trousers, exclusively designed for stylish men will compel you to purchase the trouser for men online. Consider your purpose; you can categorically buy the trousers. Whether you’re buying the trousers for your office formal looks or for attending a party- we have a huge variety of options to choose from.

The purpose of wearing the shirt or trousers

You have to be sure for what occasion you’re purchasing the shirt or the trouser. If you want to shop for office wearables, then you need to choose from the formal shirt section. At Top Brass, we cater to a wide array of formal best trousers for men to match the shirts you have chosen.

If you want to buy some clothes for casual occasions, opt for the different types of casual shirts including T-shirts and jeans instead of trousers. Nowadays, you’ll be served with several different types of casual trousers including soft denim cotton pants, chinos, capris, etc.

The body type matter

Depending on the body type you need to choose the shirts as well as the trousers. The striped shirts can be great to look leaner and taller. If you have a large stomach or a muffin-top issue- sticking to solids can be a good idea. Usually, checks make you look broader. So, it can be great for leaner men with athletic physiques.

Visit our web store to buy trouser for men. Check out fine-quality trousers of different fabrics and designs at a pocket pinch. Choose black, chocolate, dark red or maroon or trousers and club it with soft colored shirts. Often dark shades help people look in shape and well-proportioned. Plan your dress accordingly so that you can considerably hide the heavy thighs and arms.

Go beyond the trend

Set your fashion trend every time. If you are a believer in the “be yourself” mantra, then nothing can let you down. You must think and plan your dress beyond the current fashion trends on cocktail dresses and formal attire.

You can follow some fashion magazines to update your knowledge of the latest trends in the fashion world of men.

You can also connect with our experts at Top Brass, where we would like to listen to you and offer you our suggestions about choosing the right trousers, shirts, belts, and even shoes to give you a complete look for any special occasion.

Enjoy instant sales assistance online, ready to help you with any support to find the best trousers for men.

Top Brass assures you of its unique collection of trousers. Upgrade your wardrobe by collecting some of the best-designed trousers, shirts, belts, and blazers from us at an affordable price.

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